Welcome to Department of Marathi

Marathi is language of Maharashtra and it is core subject in faculty of humanities. Studying language and the literature of Marathi is involving the students for development of humanity and the culture.
The department of Marathi of D G Tatkare college has a well qualified and highly experience teaching staff.
The department of Marathi of D G Tatkare College was established in 2001 and currently offers the following courses:

B. A. in Marathi language & literature

Besides teaching-learning process, the staff members of Marathi department are highly engaged in research and cocurricular activities. The department motivates and ignites the minds of students through several co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities for students such as :-

  • Marathi bhasha sanwardhan pandharwada
  • Study tours and guest lectures of renowned persons
  • Various competition through literary forum.

Following are few golden opportunities for the students studying the subject Marathi 

  1. Teachers and professors
  2. Editor in the field of newspapers and publication .
  3. Anchor at Akashvani  , TV,  electronic media etc., journalists in weekly magazines, quarterly, annual issues.
  4. Translator
  5. Writer, poet etc
  6. Type Writer, proof reader etc.
  7. Employment opportunities of government and semi governments sector.
  8. Translator of national and international level
  9. Golden employment opportunities in in class I to IV through the competitive examinations with Marathi as an optional subject.

About Marathi language

  1. Marathi is vital language in Indo European language family
  2. It is  one of the constitutionally recognise language.
  3. It is authorise and recognise state language of Maharashtra and Goa .
  4. It is the 15 th in the world and the III rd largest language in India as the mother language folks as per the census
  5. As per the20 II’s census the population the population of Marathi speaking folk is more than 9 cores .
  6. It is one of the the major language in ancient and modern India .
  7. It is has been existing among the 36 states and 72 nations as vibrant language.
  8. 27 February, the birthday of Gyanpeeth Awarded poet, dramatist, V. W. Shirwadkar is being celebrated as the Birthday of Marathi language.
  9. All the universities in Maharashtra and in15 universities outside of Maharashtra, Marathi language and literature is being thought and learn.
  10. The incredible tradition of all India literary meet is existed only in Marathi language and literature.
  11. In Marathi language four persons of literature has bagged the Gyanpeeth puraskar and two bagged the saraswati Award upto 2021.
  12. More than 200 new books and 50 Diwali issues are being published in Marathi in per Annum.
  13. Marathi has spoken languages like Gond, bhill, warali, Konkani, Ahirani, Dangi etc.