The college shapes and develops the students associated with it throughout their period of association with the college. This bonding is unique and lasts throughout the life of the student. The Alumni Association D G Tatkare Arts And Commerce College Tala Raigad , is an institution that cherishes this bond even after students end their official association with the college after securing their degree. The association encourages past students to contribute to the college by taking several initiatives, such as the annual alumni meet. The alumni also contribute in return by providing training support through internships and placements to the present students of the college.


  • To provide a forum for alumni to maintain bonds that can prove to be an invaluable career asset.
  • To provide a common platform provided for passed out students
  • To strengthen the bond of brotherhood among Alumni
  • To recognize the personal/professional achievements of the Alumni

To refresh the old memories and to network with one another, both socially and professionally

Key Alumni