Tale Vibhag Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Tale is an educational institution which had been established to provide education to the poor and needy students of the Raigad region. The noble aim of the establishment of the institution led it to start a high school at Tale in 1951 named 'Tala English School' with only 18 students in the first batch of VIII standard.
This school went on developing day by day with the contribution of many native scholars and educational thinkers as well as the social volunteers and leaders. This school got its own building by hard work, donation and contribution of many required things by the donors, native citizens of Tale and the surrounding villagers. The school was affiliated to Mangaon Taluka Education Scociety, Goregaon for its administration purpose. This school was renamed as Gopinath Mahadev Vedak Vidyamandir in 2003. An ex-student, a successful businessman and the present trustee of the institution Mr. N. G. Vedak donated the sum of Rs. 11,00,000 and so the name of his father was .given to the school as a memory. The institution was separated from Mangaon Taluka Education Society in 1998. Then after a Junior College with Arts and Commerce faculty was started in 1999 to provide higher school education to those students who had to go either to Mangaon or Mahad 25 to 50 kms. away from Tale. Due to the lower financial positions, many students had to leave their education, but the Junior College fulfilled the need of them. Just after completing the higher school education, students, parents and the natives expected that the institution should establish a college that would provide higher education to these students. So the decision was taken to start a Senior college with Arts faculty in 2001. The necessity of Science faculty in Junior College made the Governing body to begin it in 2002. The Junior College started with its full-fledged streams in 2002 In 2003, Commerce faculty was started in senior college to fulfill the higher educational needs of the students. The opportunities of the jobs and business in the metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Pune were at the centre of the thought while starting Commerce faculty. The institution gradually expanded its space up to higher education and has developed along with its own buildings and the faculties from pre-primary school to higher education. Thus a full-fledged educational institution having two high schools( at Tala and Panheli Gaimukh), a pre-primary and a primary school, a Junior College of Arts, Commerce and Science, a senior college of Arts and Commerce became a centre of education under one umbrella.

The senior college of Arts and Commerce got a financial and government assistance by Hon. Minister Mr. Sunilji Tatkareji which made the institute to resolute for giving the name of his father Late D. G. Tatkare to the college as an honour. Hence the college is known as D. G. Tatkare College of Arts and Commerce.