Core Faculty

The college is proud of the faculty, comprising of qualified and experienced Lecturers, and Professionals They bring to their teaching a rich background of experience and wide variety of expertise.

Sr.No. Name of Teaching Staff Designation Qualification
1 Dr.Pandurang Baburao Landge Principal M.A.,B.Ed.,Ph.D.,
2 Dr. Yadav  N. S. Assistant. Professor, Marathi M.A., B.Ed., SET, Ph.D.
3 Dr. Lokhande B. M. Assistant. Professor, Political Science M.A., NET,
4 Dr. Thorat R. M. Assistant. Professor, Geography M. A., B.Ed., Ph. D.
5 Dr. Kadam D.D. Assistant. Professor, Business Economics M.A. (Eco.).Ph.D., M.Sc.(Psy.), M.Phil., M.A.M., M.A. (Hist.), M.A. (Soc.), M.A. (S.C.), LL.B.(Gen.), PGDPM (Gold Medalist), PGDHRM., DAM., DLL., DYT.,
6 Prof. Kuntewad D. U. Assistant. Professor, Economics M.A., NET
7 Prof. Trupti Sandip Thorat Asst. Professor in Commerce M.Com., NET.,M.B.A.
8 Dr. Gaikwad N. S. Assistant. Professor, Accountancy M.Com, M. Phil.
9 Prof.Jagdish Rameshwar Vyas Librarian M.Lib.,& I.Sc.,M.Phil.,NET.,B.E., D.O.A.,
10 Prof. Bhakti Shreevyanktesh Kulkarni Asst. Professor in Marathi M.A.,B.Ed.
11 Prof.Lata Rajaram Gaikwad Asst. Professor in Commerce M.Com.B.Ed
12 Prof.Kailas Jagannath Wadikar Asst. Professor in Maths & Stats M.Sc., B.Ed.
13 Prof. Ishwar Baswant Bolegave Asst. Professor in English M.A., B.Ed.
14 Prof. Sakshi Prakash Gaikwad Asst. Professor in F.C. M.A., B.Ed.