Bachelor Of Commerce

A candidate passing the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination of the Maharashatra State Board of Higher Secondary Education or an equivalent examination of any other statutory Board or University with English as a passing subject shall be eligible for admission to F.Y.B.A. Class.

The students joining the first year B.Com. course shall offer following seven subjects.

a) Foundation Course – 1
b) Maths and Statistics
c) Environmental Studies
d) Business Communication
e) Business Economics
f) Commerce paper – I
g) Accountancy and Financial Management

A student will be allowed to keep terms at S.Y.B.Com. level if he/ she fail in not more than two heads of passing in courses at F.Y.B.A. level/or as per the regulations declared by the university from time to time.

The students joining the S.Y. B.Com. course shall offer five subjects from group A and one subject from group B.

Group A : Compulsory Subject

a) Foundation Course – 2
b) Business Economics
c) Commerce Paper – 2
d) Business Law
e) Accountancy and Financial management

Group B : Optional Subject

a) Secretarial Practice
b) Advertisement

1. Subjects of Group A are compulsory
2. Among Group B Students can offer any one subject from optional subject.
3. Optional subject shall be given according to merit in F.Y.B.Com.

A student will be allowed to keep terms at T.Y.B.Com. level
I. If he/she fails in not more than two heads of passing in course at S.Y.B.Com. level.
II. If he/she clears in all heads of passing at F.Y.B.Com. level.

The students joining the T.Y. B.Com.. course shall offer following seven subjects .

a) Marketing of Human Resource Management
b) Business Economics
c) Financial Accounting and auditing – 1
d) Financial Accounting and auditing – 2
e) Financial Accounting and auditing – 3
f) Export Marketing
g) Marketing Research

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